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Just when it looked like i found a software that works it stops working!!!!!! FXXK!!!!!!!!! I censored the F word because i figure there is too much movies that already have 50,000 F bombs like Rob Zombie's Halloween 2.


2012-03-10 21:29:05 by tnarockshard

So I just downloaded a music maker software and I'll be making music until I find a software that makes animation. UPDATE: I'm having trouble with the music maker PLZ HELP ME!!!!! The software is well I deleted all mine can someone tell me how to make beats on those things. Thank you.

Welcome to my world

2012-02-17 16:30:19 by tnarockshard

Wut up everyone this tnarockshard here joining the Newgrounds community. I'm a very nice person unless you get on my bad side. You can expect many FLASH videos from me as soon as i find a program to use and know how to do it. With that said have a nice day. Oh yeah and my life motto is the picture that i post.

Welcome to my world